Historic Stadium Faces an Uncertain Future

It is now official, the Emeralds Baseball team here in Eugene, Oregon will be moving across town to brand new PK Park near Autzen Stadium beginning next season. This past season was the last one to be played in old Civic Stadium.

Without the Ems as a regular summer tenant, the historic old wood-frame arena faces an uncertain future. Built in 1938 by worker of the CCC, with douglas fir cut from the forests surrounding Eugene, the venue is a monument to another time. As Kevin Costner remarked during a visit a few years back, “It looks like Ty Cobbs should come walking out.” The place could be a movie set for the “Natural,” worn bleachers, protruding nails, chipped paint, and all.

There are efforts underway to save the stadium. Its fate is far from sealed. But, as one chapter ends and another waits to be written, I felt the need to document and venerate historic Civic Stadium as it existed during the summer of 2009.

Remembering the Fallen

Three veterans each tell their story during a tour of the World War II Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam War Memorial on the The Mall in Washington D.C.


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